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I’m a big fan of using flagstaff hypnosis to help me with anxiety and stress plus healing mentally, emotionally and physically.

FLAGSTAFF HYPNOTHERAPY: It’s faster and more affordable than conventional therapy.

While taking the 500 hours of training to be certified as a medical support clinical hypnotherapist Craig became friends with one of the other students. He was a nurse practitioner who wanted to add hypnotherapy to his toolbox to help his patients with pain control, healing acceleration and phobias dealing with the medical field. He had a very traumatic childhood with physical and emotional abuse. He also started his medical training and career in New York City in the 1980’s during the AIDS epidemic. He watched a lot of his patients, people he became close with over many months of care, die a slow, painful death.

A few years ago, he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He started seeing a psychotherapist to deal with his past memories and stress. He had been seeing his therapist for about a year and half when he started the Hypnotherapy Academy. The training is very hands on and experiential. So, you learn about a technique and then you practice live with the other students. Also, you are encouraged to have private, professional sessions outside of class if there are deeper issues you would like to address.

So he was not only experiencing at least one student lead session a day (there were sometimes practice sessions after class and on weekends), and he was have at least one professional session a week, plus once an hour he was doing his “homework” of spending one minute focusing on his breath and reciting his suggestions and affirmations (his watch would vibrate and notify him when it was time, oh and by the way, no one of the 25 other students knew he was doing that once an hour).

Because class was 9am-6pm Monday through Friday he needed to see his patients in the evening and on weekends, so he wasn’t able to see his therapist for about 5 weeks.

When they did finally meet again, she was so impressed by how much progress he made in five weeks as opposed to the year and six months they had be just talking about his issues that his therapist signed up for the next semester at the Hypnotherapy Academy and is now a certified hypnotherapist.

All that hypnotherapy he was doing was moving his body out of the sympathetic stress response (fight or flight) and moving it into the parasympathetic relaxation response (balance and homeostasis). With the clinical hypnotherapy he was also able to remove and alter the emotional trauma from his subconscious programming and his nervous system calmed down.

This is not to say that flagtaff hypnotherapy is a “quick fix.” Unfortunately, there is no magic wand, no miracle cure. Hypnotherapy is something that we, my client and I, do together — they commit to their intentions and I assist and guide them using scientifically proven techniques.



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